Lauritz Hansen (@LZHN.DK) is a Danish Graphic Illustration and Graffiti Artist located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Lauritz's love for drawing has shined through him for as long as he can remember. He has played around with many different styles of drawing, which has made him versatile, understanding and able to adapt and stretch execution methods by choice, while still retaining high precision and quality.

 •  Illustration, Character Design, Visual Vibes, Aesthetics.
 •  Adapting style and visual execution method for each project
 •  Creating strong visual appealing illustrations
 •  Clearly communicating a core message through visuals
 •  Executing big and small, analog and digital visuals
 •  Creating Wall Murals (Graphical Decoration in Public Spaces, Restaurants etc.)
 •  Crafting letters, lettering and logos

2018  –  P r e s e n t
Independent Freelancer – @LZHN.DK
Illustration, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Graffiti Murals, Graffiti Workshops

2013  –  2016 (Certified)
The Danish School of Media and Journalism (DMJX) CPH, DK
Profession Bachelor in Visual Communication; Graphic Design

P a s t  –  2017
Visual Freelance work

 •  The Danmarks National Museum  •  Oreo  •  Tivoli  •  H.C Andersen Museet  • 
 •  Coop.dk  •  Flying Tiger  •  Burger King  •  Synoptik  •  Ration  •  Blanc 1664  • 

Publications / Wins
CCA (Creative Circle Award '19) – 1664 Blanc | CFW AW19 
Shortlisted in Design & Digital Design – Poster Design category

CCA (Creative Circle Award '19) – Coop.dk "Curling Kassen"
Shortlisted in Advertising & Digital Advertising – Direct / Activation category
Luerzers Archive (issue 2) – Botaniq “Vegetarian Butcher”
Collaboration w/ Karl Alexander Veng (Art Director)

DMJX magazine (issue 1) –  "Play With Oreo" Article
Young DMJX talent wins the Oreo “Play With Oreo” character design contest

Oreo – “Play With Oreo"
Winning the Danish “Play With Oreo" character design contest 

YCCA '14 (Young Creative Circle Award)
Shortlisted in design category

CONTACT / info
+45 31 10 21 55 – feel free.

CVR/VAT: 39315580
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